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«Attractions & Entertainments» №21 October 2016



As the devil is in the details, as the corporate culture consists of many small things. They create a team spirit which, in turn, has a direct impact on provision of services. When properly aligned relationship in a company both staff, and Guests feel comfortably. We broadcast our values at all levels. Since that moment as Guests cross a threshold of the entertainment center and finishing with how we build up relationships in our company.

Not clients but Guests

You might be surprised to see the word «Guest» capitalized above. No, it’s not a mistake. In conversation, neither I nor our company’s employees do not use a word «client», «consumer», «customer». This corporate feature we have borrowed from the hospitality industry. The effect was enormous! When all the staff began to call coming to entertainment centers as Guests we have managed to create an atmosphere of friendly service. In corporate and internal documents, the word «Guest» is always capitalized. Because we love, we appreciate and we respect our Guests.

Buddy concept

Buddy is a friend, an old boy. All employees are friends for each other but not colleagues or subordinates. We use the Buddy concept into practice by formulating job titles as follows: admin buddy, bar buddy, leader buddy, cash buddy, press buddy, etc. that all Buddy feel equal. It extends both to a maid, and to a CEO.
This approach helps newcomers to adapt, team building and in passing broadcasts values of the company. By the way, our values are bright impressions, freshness of ideas, friendliness, command spirit and openness.

Bright company — bright employees

We are loyally to ways of self-expression methods that characterize the youth. For example, employees with tattoos or piercing can be found in our centers. Not to hide emotions. If a person at work is forced to cover tattoos, to clamp, he will begin to relay further it to Guests. Then any sincere service is out of the question. Allow your people to be this way that they are.

We are on first-name terms!

Staff of the company addresses to each other only this way. Of course, not everyone can immediately say on first-name terms. Nevertheless, over time this barrier is broken by all. It is noted that such approach facilitates working relations and unites the collective.

In each entertainment center about two hundred people therefore linear employees (beginners) are much work. Building communication with beginners as equals, we help them more quickly join the team and to become its part.

Choose what is pleasant to you

Welcome-trainings on which everyone can test all attractions provided in the amusement park also are directed to adaptation of new employees.

We want that Buddies were universal and weren’t tired of their workplaces. Therefore, guys are involved on all available receptions — billiards, bowling, roller skating, wardrobe, etc.

At the same time, they can find more time for favorite types of entertainments. Everyone chooses that reception where he is interested in. For example, during the welcome-training, an employee understands that he is carried away most of all by Q-zar. Therefore, this attraction will be chosen as a priority line item for work. Involvement effect works when employees love case in which they are engaged, and the company because it considers their interests.

We give to employees access to knowledge

We have realized our lifelong dream — a Book Club in Kazan Entertainment Center FUN24. We order books on personal and professional development in the business publishing house. If desired, any employee of the company, irrespective of his position, whether he is an instructor-coordinator or a managing director, may take a book home.

Bimonthly a presentation meeting is arranged for all interested employees. Each participant prepares a ten-minute presentation of his book: a name, an author, a main idea, what it was pleasant or it wasn’t pleasant, who can be useful to. It is much more interesting to read when there is someone to discuss the reading.

The Book Club is not interested only to the staff employees but also to potential employees who will respond to the position with great interest, in which description not «free coffee and cookies» but the Corporate Library will be specified. At least, we are more interested in the last.

Stay in my skin

Periodically we organize a Self-government Day when employees change workplaces. For example, an accountant works as a bartender, and a cook is as a cloakroom attendant, etc. Everyone chooses a temporary post at its discretion. This technique often produces useful effect as «feedback». An employee of the personnel department having worked a day in the kitchen said that during modeling ravioli hands were terribly tired. Then she offered to buy additional tools. Implementation of this initiative has greatly simplified the cooking process. A trifle, but nice! Master class from a colleague.

Experience exchange with colleagues is always welcomed. The graph of master classes for a month is compiled, and everyone can choose the event of interest to him. Senior chefs, bartenders, trainers run by their knowledge. It is worth recognizing, the food is very few people indifferent, therefore culinary master classes are the widest popularity.

A variety of approaches allows to reveal potential and interests of people, to open internal allowances of employees. Corporate culture is not a whim of leadership and imagination. These are laws and rules by which your company lives. They help it to exist and grow. We must understand that projects in which the corporate culture is only formality, are destined for extinction for the long run.

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Pavel Timets shared secrets of the corporate culture which successfully work in the indoor amusement parks of Maza Park, FUN24 and Galaxy Park.

Source: «Attractions & Entertainments» №21 October 2016

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