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Maza Park

Maza Park


Maza Park on Bucharestskaya st. — 2013,

Maza Park on Prosvesheniya av. — 2015.

Maza Park — it is a joint project of the management team of the «Indoor amusement parks», Ltd and Food Retail Group. Two big entertainment centers Maza Park are located in Saint Petersburg. Their area consists of 14 000 and 15 000 square meters. The entertainment centers reunite more than 20 types of leisure activities. Maza Park is a permanent platform for billiard sport competitions (World, Europe and Russia championships) and e-sports. At the entertainment center there is a free school of skating and coaches that teach children how to play billiard.

The investment in the first Maza Park, located on Bucharestskaya street has been of about 350 million roubles. The total volume of investments in the second project amounted to 1,1 billion roubles (taking into account the protracted reconstruction), of which 400 million were invested in Maza Park directly.

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