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What can be learnt from the entertainment industry?

What can be learnt from the entertainment industry?

Last week Ksenia Biushkina and me spoke at the «Management development, leadership and emotional intelligence» HR-conference, talking about what you can learn from the entertainment industry.

When we started building and broadcasting our corporate culture, we didn’t expect that in time we would start getting invitations to professional conferences as speakers.
Just as the devil is in the details, corporate culture consists of many small things. These small things form the team spirit, which in turn has a direct impact on the provision of services. After all, with well-aligned relationships within the company, not only our employees are comfortable, but also our guests.

Starting with this publication, I am planning on sharing with you the different secrets of the corporate culture of our entertainment centers.

So, let’s begin! The first secret.

You have probably noticed that in conversation, neither I nor the company’s employees do not use the word «client», «customer», «buyer». We have borrowed this corporate feature from the hospitality industry and we have received a very noticeable effect. When all the staff started calling the people coming to our entertainment centers Guests, we were able to create an atmosphere of friendly service. In the corporate and internal documents the word «guest» is always written starting with a capital letter. Because we love, appreciate and respect our guests.

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