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Turquoise = warm-heartedness

Turquoise = warm-heartedness

March turned out to be very saturated on trainings and conferences. As soon as the semi-annual «Development Course of the Entertainment Center Manager» ended I and Oksana Safronova already spoke at the sixth EQ «Sincere Business» conference!

Organizers devoted the conference to the trend of turquoise companies. Not the desire to earn money is at the heart of such companies but deep satisfaction from their work and team’s unity in the cause of science. If to generalize, then Turquoise can be equated to warm-heartedness of business. Frederic Laloux tells about such companies in details in the «Reinventing Organization».

Practically all speakers told about turquoise organizations to a greater or lesser degree and what helps to pass into this stage. I and Oksana told about sincerity of our employees to a Guest. For me one of turquoise secrets lies in the fact that treat your employees as you want that they treat Guests.

This recommendation, certainly, is more expected heads but the initiative of sincere business creating after all shall be built from above, too. If such conferences are held and take so many participants, so these heads already exist and not far off time of the Reinventing Organization!

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