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Training «Satisfied Guests — High Revenues!»

Training «Satisfied Guests — High Revenues!»

Friends, I invite you to our new eight-hour Business-Training course «Satisfied Guests — High Revenues!» that will take place at the Business Forum of amusement industry professionals in Moscow, March 1.

We with Ksenia Biushkina (the business analyst of LLC KPA) will tell about the quality system construction in entertainment centers. And we will answer the age-old question what shall we do that Guests wanted to come back again? We will look into the matter of real cases and together develop a service model draft applicable for your business.

Base program contains:

  • Sincere service: why do Guests come back?
  • Self-regulating quality management system. How do you make so as the service level could be built up independently?
  • Business culture is an integral part of a quality management system of service.
  • Structure of the quality management system: frequent Guests are the best mystery shoppers!
  • Quality Office Effective Structure.
  • Annual planning of the entertainment center event calendar is the best guarantee of successful events and high advance sales.
  • Technologies facilitating our life. We will overview tools promoting receipt of reliable and versatile information on quality of your service.

The training course is dated for the RAAPA EXPO-2017 Exhibition and will take place in Moscow from 10:00 till 18:00, March 1. VDNKh (The All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) is meeting place, Pavilion 75.

Concerning participation in the training write on raapa1@raapa.ru.

Let’s meet at the Exhibition!

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