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Thieves shall be fired, or how we track down violators

Thieves shall be fired, or how we track down violators

Violations committed by staff members at points of sale are a widespread issue. Entertainment centers have to deal with it, too. Most of the cases can be pinpointed by CCTV cameras. Usually operators check different points at different time, but in casinos and other places with enormous turnover, they do it all day or night.

If we see that one of the points falls behind expected profits, we intensify control over it. Besides, the operator’s eyes are ALWAYS on the cash register at the entrance of the entertainment center, as well as the pay gates.

Guests don’t notice most of the violations; but after all, it’s not their responsibility. Let’s look at a couple of examples of how ingenious violators can get. You’ll see below violations committed by staff members of our entertainment centers. All of them were caught thanks to the CCTV system.

Violation at the «Arcade» attraction

That’s top-notch. A Guest is handing an employee money for playing the game. The employee says hello to someone and, knowing that the Guest is blocking the view of the camera, hides the money in his pocket. Then he goes to the cash register and pretends to process the purchase and put the money inside.

Violation at the cashier desk of the bar

An intern bartender during his night shift (probably a bit drunk) jumps over the bartend and lifts the cash drawer in order to open the cash register with processing a cheque. He succeeds at it, takes the money and just leaves. Simply ridiculous.

Guards let Guests without tickets through the pay gates

All the guards on that shift were in a mutual agreement. When we solved that case, we fired all of them. The cash register is 12 meters away from the pay gates. When Guests enter, they usually leave their clothes at the coat room, buy tickets and proceed to the pay gates. But one group walks directly to the pay gates, because they already bought «the right of passage» from the guards’ man — at a lower cost, of course.

One of the guards has the admin card hidden in his sleeve. He knows about the thing (his colleague at the entrance already warned him), so he lets the group through the pay gate using his card. But he didn’t know that the admin card is used very rarely, and each use is registered and checked. That was how we revealed that plot.

Violation at the cashier desk of the night club card

A bartender takes money from a Guest, counts the change… and leaves some part of it in his fist. Then he hands the rest of the change to the Guest, and pretends to have lost something, hiding the money under the monitor.

What does it all mean? When our operator was checking the footage from the restaurant, he saw that the bartender took money for whiskey and cola, while registering only cola. He didn’t give the cheque to the Guests, and kept the difference between the beverages for himself.

Surveillance system can bring to light not only abuse, violation and theft but also mistakes made by the members of the staff. Some of the most frequent ones are change miscalculations and purchase processing failures. Every week we register 5 to 7 such occasions. And once a month or two we fire a person for violation or abuse.

Firing people can be quite hard, especially those who’ve been on the board for a long time. We warn anyone, and not once, against theft. If someone is struggling through a difficult period of life, they can just go to the bookkeeper’s and ask for an advance.

A deliberate, planned violation will always lead to termination of contract. Moreover, we make it public, and we make it harsh on people. We set up a commotion with every bartender and guard, and announce the violator. It provides strong demotivation for others, and for some time after, no one missteps. If the violation was serious, or it lead to a great financial loss, we hand that person directly to the police.

Why would employees risk their jobs If they know they could be spotted? Obviously, some of the violations go unnoticed. A person risks once, realizes no one noticed them, and dares do it again. There are even people who think it’s normal.

There are many violations connected with assigning work hours, forging purchase agreements, working in the kitchen, and so on. But cashiers and bartenders remain most frequent abusers, as their job is based on shares from purchases.

Here’s my tip for everyone: be responsible, and don’t go for easy money. Responsibility pays in the long run. A good bartender attracts more Guests, which boosts profits, which directly benefits him. And that’s not counting tips.

So, it’s fairly simple: the better you work, the more important your contribution becomes. Guests acknowledge you, the boss commends you, you see your own career potential… and, of course, you get more money.

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