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The Second Secret. The buddy concept

The Second Secret. The buddy concept

As promised, I am continuing to share the secrets of corporate culture. The second secret. An unusual «feature» implemented in our entertainiment centers- the buddy concept.

All the employees are each others buddies, not colleagues or subordinates. We apply the buddy concept in practice, formulating the job positions as follows: admin buddy, bar buddy, leader buddy, cash buddy, press buddy, etc., so all the buddies feel as equals. This applies to the janitor and to the CEO.

This approach is helping the newcomers to adapt, it promotes team building and simultaneously broadcasts the values of the company — thrills, an original approach, friendship, a team and freedom.

Striking company — striking employees. We are loyal to the ways of self-expression that are characteristical for the youth. For example, in our centers you can find employees with tattoos and piercings. You can’t hide your emotions, and if a person is forced cover his tattoos at work, he will feel uncomfortable and it will be rebroadcasted later to our guests. Then a sincere service can not even be considered.

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