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The Fifth Secret. «Stay in my skin»

The Fifth Secret. «Stay in my skin»

Periodically we organize a Self-government Day when employees change workplaces. For example, an accountant works as a bartender, and a cook is as a cloakroom attendant, etc. Everyone chooses a temporary post at its discretion. This technique often produces useful effect as «feedback». An employee of the personnel department having worked a day in the kitchen said that during modeling ravioli hands were terribly tired. Then she offered to buy additional tools. Implementation of this initiative has greatly simplified the cooking process. A trifle, but nice!

Furthermore, exchange of experience with colleagues is appreciated. The graph of master classes for a month is compiled, and everyone can choose the event of interest to him. Senior chefs, bartenders, trainers run by their knowledge. A variety of approaches used in our company allows to identify potential and interests of our employees, as well as to reveal their internal reserves.

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