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The calendar of events. Everything goes as planned

The calendar of events. Everything goes as planned

For 17 years of working in the entertainment industry, we have become the possessors of tremendous practical experience in promoting events and attracting guests to entertainment centers. The most important thing we have realized and are going to share with you is that early planning makes life much more easier!

I decided to create a convenient event planner — Calendar of events, being a supporter of goal-setting, who uses diaries rather actively. The calendar is based on the experience of organizing events in entertainment centers. But generally, this tool will be useful for any business, the success of which depends on attendance.

I decided to create a convenient event planner — Calendar of events, being a supporter of goal-setting, who uses diaries rather actively.

If it’s properly organized, everything will turn out right

The point is that there are seven steps, designed for the organization of any event, containing in this Calendar. This makes preparations easier and brings you closer to the ultimate goal. The schedule shows off when and what should be done to meet the deadlines:

  • the exact dates of launching advertising campaigns,
  • starting of selling tickets,
  • dates of meetings according to the script or budget,
  • the time for making report on the results of event, etc.

The point is that there are seven steps, designed for the organization of any event, containing in this Calendar.

The Сalendar is based on planning tools and special things, we actively use in our operational activity:

  • The Eisenhower Matrix. It helps establish priorities in order to do only important, non-urgent matters without haste and in advance.
  • The PDCA cycle. We are for planning results, working on them, analyzing the results and doing better next time.
  • Setting goals on SMART. Your goals should be concrete, measurable, ambitious, achievable and time-bound.

The Сalendar is based on planning tools and special things, we actively use in our operational activity

It’s not enough to have a plan, you have to act

Competent planning takes time: several people worked hard for four months, to transfer all of our 17 years’ experience to the Calendar. It should be realized that this is not a magic pill, and in any case, you will have to make an effort. But we took a part of the work upon ourselves.

According to PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), many companies work in the «Do» mode, as a rule, and almost no one takes steps on planning, analyzing and adjustment. We designed the planning stage in details and showed that the whole cycle is important in our Calendar.

We provided some compulsory meetings for the «Check-Act» part. This allows you to work at the level of successful Russian and Western companies, without spending time on planning. As a result, you can just work, i.e. use only «Do» mode, focusing on the plan, having become the owner of the Calendar.

We provided some compulsory meetings for the «Check-Act» part.

The Calendar of events: 9 pluses of early planning

If you follow the schedule of events’ organization and tips, we give in the Calendar, you can get a lot of benefits:

  1. Start pre-sales. Preliminary sales bring money in advance. If you sell New Year’s events in early autumn, you can already get gain for December in September, October and November. It is economically profitable.
  2. Get more free time to work in high season. The natural load of the center increases, closer to the event. Early planning gives managers an opportunity to work in the hall before the day of event and during it: communicate with Guests, track the quality of service, note and eliminate problems, instead of preparation for the event, as it has been already organized.
  3. Get favorable terms from printing houses. If you come to an agreement with the printing house beforehand, the production of high-quality promotional products will cost less and, besides, you can avoid queues.
  4. Attract the best information sponsors. Radio stations, TV channels, Internet portals are ready to act as informational partners in exchange for tickets, platform, zones for arrangements etc.
  5. Find the best partners. In addition to information sponsors, it’s used to attract suppliers of chocolate products for making New Year gifts, toy manufacturers, alcohol brands etc.
  6. Develop high-quality advertising models, you will never be ashamed for. The closer the event, the more often you have to put up with your conscience. For example, to agree to unfinished layouts. If it’s necessary, early planning allows to shift the timelines for finalizing so, that it won’t affect the overall results.
  7.  Make WOW-invitations and tickets. We are for creating unusual and memorable invitations. People buy tickets in advance and save them, as it is a pass to the event. If you make invitations so effective, that everybody wants to show them, take pictures, share with friends, they will become additional advertisement.
  8. Choose the best performers, whose price is suitable. Making deals with animators, photographers, announcers, artists, etc. beforehand, gives you higher chance to attract professional performers for a lower price.
  9. Get more orders for corporate events. Starting advertising and selling in advance, we increase probability of external orders. A person, who bought a ticket for the New Year party in September, will share his plans with colleagues, friends, relatives during these three months. Gossip mill, as we know, is one of the most reliable sources of information. If your friend or a colleague says: «I’m going to celebrate New Year in the entertainment center," there’s a strong possibility that you will trust his choice. When we learn about the event on the radio, TV or Internet, our level of trust is not so high.

If you follow the schedule of events’ organization and tips, we give in the Calendar, you can get a lot of benefits

How much does the Calendar of events really cost?

Why did I decide to write about this? Because I have never seen such a product before. We designed the Calendar from scratch, taken into account our practical experience solely. Having given a lot of time and energy to this project, I want to state that we have created a really cool working tool!

This thing is far more expensive than we sell it for. Let’s just say, that we would pay 100 and 200 thousand rubles a year to someone, who made a detailed schedule of events for our enterprises, for FUN 24, by the way. But we sell the Calendar for 14,800 rubles.

When I started training, it was not because of money. We taught our employees, explaining them all the things they should do and the correct way to do it from the very beginning. Later on it grew into the desire to share knowledge with the entire professional community.

I have a philosophy inside of me — everything you give, comes back to you. And the Calendar is one of the strongest knowledge that I have. That’s why I want to share it.

You can order the Calendar of Events on our web-site kpa.ru >>

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