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System of distant training and performance evaluation

System of distant training and performance evaluation

Mobile application Service Guru. Case by Pavel Timets (FUN24 entertainment center)

We have a staff development manager whose responsibility is to organize coaching sessions for employees. These are activities like welcome coaching, coaching on corporate culture, guest service, after-sales and others. We train our employees, then evaluate them, and finally, re-evaluate their new knowledge and skills.

To these ends, we’re using Service Guru (project lead: Sergey Gorbunov). This is a mobile app where you can set up any number of any questions with variable answers meant for evaluating your employees’ performance. Everything you give them, this program can turn into a list of closed or open questions. There’s a learning mode that simply contains materials, and evaluation mode where your employees pass exams on any topic of your choice, be that menu, corporate culture, quality of service etc.

Why is it convenient? Well, any staff member can download the app on their phone and pass their test at any moment they prefer. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s transparent. The administrators can track such data as the number of employees who passed any of the tests, their performance and the like.

Web-portal Motivity. Case by Pavel Kovsharov (family amusement parks Zamania)

We’re using the Motivity web-portal for the purposes of training and evaluating our employees. We found it way before Service Guru became as user-friendly and convenient as it is now. Motivity is a website that contains educational materials and provides means for organizing staff training and evaluation. Every employee has an individual account from where they can gain access to learning programs and tests, and track their personal rating and ‘karma’. For example, waiters may (and should) demonstrate their knowledge of the menu articles.

The only major disadvantage of Motivity is that it doesn’t have a tied-in mobile app. We’re now considering switching to Service Guru as 95% of our staff are young people. Most of them don’t even have laptops, their primary gadget being the smartphone. This new generation of employees want a mobile app for everything.en/blog/how-to-choose-automation-software

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