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Rollercoasters of Kazan marketing

Rollercoasters of Kazan marketing

Since the end of the last year, our leisure park in Kazan has reduced its turn out compared with the previous periods. Without waiting for further falls, we decided to change our own marketing department for services of contractors. We chose the agency and since summer we began to work with a large, experienced and motivated team of marketers.

The guys had a number of cool ideas and working tools we liked a lot. The cooperation was developing rapidly. The work was divided into two stages — the trial stage (3–4 months) and the follow-up one (long-termed). At the end of the trial period, the agency said that the volume of tasks was higher than they originally expected, and offered to change the terms of the original agreements.

The budget increase could adversely affect our financial model. As a result, we have decided to restore our own department, which made the company search for the six new employees.

On Saturday I returned from the training that we had conducted for the newly created marketing department together with the Chief Manager of FUN24 Dina Burganova and the invited expert Vasily Yuzenchuk (the Head of the agency, we had worked with).
These were two busy days. We tried to transfer a large part of our knowledge and technology in a rather short period of time. I hope, the given impulse of energy and the information, received by participants, will lead to an increase of gains and attendance of FUN24 in the nearest future!

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