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I see a goal – no obstacles

I see a goal – no obstacles

Every day, month and year we set our goals. Some can be easily achievable, for instance — reading books or jogging in the morning. And others may occur to be global and long-term — to buy a house, to start a business, to conquer Everest or to win the heart of the woman beloved.

Targeting is an important part of my life, without which I would not have achieved everything I possess right now. Earlier this year, I set an important goal to myself — to come to know the particulars of the sales in order to arrange my own professional Active Sales Department.

The end of the year hasn’t come yet, but I have approached the task to the maximum. At the beginning of October, the department began its work. I’m going to describe you the way I went to my goal.

In Kazan entertainment center FUN24 there was a Sales Department, whose ratings left much to be desired. A few years ago, as the curator of this direction, I tried to understand why the system didn’t work. I couldn’t understand. I decided to leave everything as it was, hoping it would be solved by itself. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Together with my discontent of the sales in Kazan, I received a demand from my father to arrange Sales Department in his building company, which manufactures fire-prevention designs. Our colleagues from the company Open World and the movement of fans Russia Unites have also expressed their wish to run their own departments.
«OK», I thought, «everyone needs sales, but how to arrange them?» The solution floated to the surface — to create the Department and monitor its work, it’s necessary to see at least some points in this area by myself. Thus, there appeared a goal to study the sales and to become, if not a highly-qualified expert, but, a competent man, at least.

Firstly, I set about reading books. A number of works is written on the art of sales. I swallowed about dozens of bestsellers and realized that I wouldn’t get very far on the literature only, — so, it’s necessary to study.

First of all, I took part in several steep sales trainings. The most useful were:

  • Mikhail Voronin’s two-days training «Jump into your dream». It was just what I needed, because this course is approximate to our industry and gives the opportunity to gain knowledge from the largest player in the market of event-actions.
  • During the Big Business Fun Festival, besides of the performances of the festival headliner Jordan Belfort, I attended a lecture of such sales guru as Dmitry Potapenko and Konstantin Baksht. At the same place, I got acquainted with the guys from SW-agency, whom we eventually invited to accompany the organization of Active Sales Department.
  • The program «Building a Sales Department» by Konstantin Baksht. To get on Konsantin’s training — that was the thing I wanted even while reading his book. After the lecture on BBFF, I confirmed in my desire. This is a structured and clearly developed methodological base, which attracts to Baksht’s approach.

In order to run the Sales Department, you need to sort all the processes out — the formation of the sales funnel, the decision time, the percentage of leads, passing into bargains etc. It’s not enough to arrange sales, but it’s equally important to organize the work so that it could run without your control.

At the moment we are at the low start and are ready to start up the Sales Department for the «Fire Safety Technologies» enterprise at full capacity. I want to perceive all the details on my own back, so I’m planning to work as a sales manager in this Department for several months. Then, during the period of establishing processes I’m going to lead the Department and as soon as all the control and tracking will have been implemented to, I’ll pass the managing.

Let’s summarize: January — goal setting, October — a goal is achieved on 7o% (the most important part — the sales, is yet to come). For ten months I have been studying and done a great job, to develop a completely new area at the age of 40.

Having reached the goal, it is necessary to put the next one at once. So, I set goals for 2018 just now:

  1. To develop the Sales Department and bring it on the necessary indexes.
  2. To run about one or three Sales Departments for other companies as the continuation of the history.

I hope, everything will come out to be successful and our targeting report for 2018 will be closed before the prescribed date, like that one of 2017.

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