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How we chose the name Maza Park

How we chose the name Maza Park

Yes, it turns out that professional exist even in this area.

There is a marketing trend, which specializes in the development of all sorts of names. its name is — Naming. Creatives-namers will,for a large sum, generate an original name for any of your projects, from a new brand of yogurt to a shopping mall. They may even bring in experts for brainstorming, inventing how to name your parrot or your newly acquired yacht. As they say, if you have the money…

We had a budget for the naming and we decided to turn to professionals. While choosing a name for Maza Park, it seems to me, that we have attracted all the highly skilled professionals in this area available at the time. We hired namers, a competition between the world’s largest and Russian branding companies was held. It is necessary to clarify that, depending on the level of the firm, which takes responsibility for the creation of the brand, the cost of services can vary from 5 to 12 million rubles.

The people involved in the process of the birth of a new name aproach the task thoroughly and not only from the standpoint of the requested fee. In order to justify the proposed variant they prepare a set of quantitative and qualitative reports, surveys, focus groups and develop several names. As a result, you get a super-duper-name-masterpiece, a priceless jewel worthy of the crown of the Russian Empire. Among other things, they will assure you that it is easier to assemble a rocket engine by yourself than to come up with a name for a new entertainment center.

So, as a result of several namers, branding companies and our creative team we had a top10. «Orange Park» has been selected from this top10 by a series of eliminations, polls and surveys. But «Orange», unfortunately, did not have a unique name, it was associated with an existing network of St. Petersburg flower shops. We had to eliminate this option too.

When we were already tired of choosing a name, suddenly Eugene Kadomsky appeared, who suggested: «Maza — an excellent youth slang word, let’s call it Maza Park»! «Maza» usually means some sort of a good thought, an idea or a profitable business. Yes! Maza was precisely the excellent suggestion that we were waiting for.

Life has once again proven that the best ideas usually «lie on the surface," you just have to look around. Naturally, we found Eugene’s variant interesting and chose it! That is exactly how Maza Park gained its name, under which the network of parks is known throughout St. Petersburg.

Two years later, we had in front of us a decision of another name. Only now we had to find a name for the entertainment center in Kazan

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