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Digital check lists. Service Inspector

Digital check lists. Service Inspector

This post is based on the joint coaching session of Pavel Timets and Pavel Kovsharov «How to improve an entertainment center? Modern technologies and instruments».

The major advantage of using digital check lists is control over monitoring performance. That makes them a nice solution for automated service inspection at restaurants, cafés and entertainment centers. Implementing digital check list is cheap and incredibly efficient.

Our advice is to use Service Inspector — an application for keeping digital check lists. For example, if an employee forgets to security check a piece of gaming equipment, their manager will receive a notification: «check list not completed». You could monitor your facility, making notes on the run. Service Inspector goes with the inspection template library, check lists for secret Guests, and service inspection per se.

Finding flaws. Case of Pavel Timets (FUN24 entertainment center)

For us, Service Inspector is not limited to check lists; it’s also a tool for fixing flaws. I don’t have administrators check every corner of the center but they’re obliged to have Service Inspector. When someone notices, say, a chipped tile, they will open Service Inspector and send a photo, implying that it should be fixed. Those responsible for the center’s look will get that message and take necessary measures. Service Inspector is a real time problem fixer. Apps like Bitrix 24 and iikoInspector are also helpful.

A hundred items check-list. Case of Pavel Kovsharov (Zamania amusement parks)

Sometimes check lists grow really huge. Take the park opening digital check list we’re now working at. It’s going to include few hundred items. We’re comprising this list basing on the technical requirements: from the size and color of tiles to great many other things. And all of them must be reflected in the check list so that every employee can monitor what’s within their spheres of competence and responsibility.

Mothers doing check lists. Case of Pavel Kovsharov (Zamania amusement parks)

Our employees are not the only ones in our parks who use check lists. Moms do too! Sometimes we engage in the practice of «mom control». it is quite similar to secret shopping, the difference being that Guest mothers are far more demanding than any inspector or secret shopper. Also, mom control transforms negativity into positive feedback. Actually, if a person leaves an angry review after visiting one of our parks, they are probably willing to improve it. Who would just blow off their steam by posting a review? So, we invite those sensitive mothers and offer them to inspect our parks by themselves with the help of digital check lists.

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