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Corporate chats

Corporate chats

This post is based on the joint coaching session of Pavel Timets and Pavel Kovsharov «How to improve an entertainment center? Modern technologies and instruments».

General chats provide means to enhance cooperation of employees inside the company. In FUN24, our corporate chat is based on Bitrix24 but it doesn’t include every employee — just managers and directors. Chats for everyone require apps that are more popular and easier to use, like WhatsApp, where all employees can feel they’re bound to one cause.

General chat in WhatsApp. Case of Pavel Timets (FUN24 entertainment center)

Our general chat includes 250 employees. Hierarchical management often stalls problem solving in big companies. Imagine the following situation. Bowling operators got inconvenient basket for Guests’ shoes. To substitute them, one of the operators sends a request to the front manager, the manager forwards it to the purchaser, and so on. At every step of this chain, the task might be transformed into something it wasn’t at the beginning. Some tasks take forever, or are never even completed.

By establishing the general chat, we ended strict hierarchy. In our corporate culture, everyone cares about everything and everyone, so all employees may suggest improvements in the general chat. That speeds up problem solving profoundly. Of course, there are hidden dangers, the main one being that chats are really distracting, especially for CEOs.

General chats in Telegram. Case of Pavel Kovsharov (Zamania amusement parks)

We’ve set up a number of chats in Telegram: management company chat, each park has its own chat and sub chats for departments, blocks etc. This kind of approach allows us to tackle problems and share data really quickly.

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