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Children’s Center. Parents choose

Children’s Center. Parents choose

Last week I was curious to look through Facebook: «What things do you pay attention to first, while visiting a leisure center with your child?» This post collected a wide variety of comments and recommendations. Having analyzed the answers, I made up a rating of the most important factors from parents’ point of view that I’m going to share with you now.

So, the things of paramount importance are:

  1. Safety. This was mentioned by almost every parent, and I agree with them. The safety is an important thing everywhere — it includes the vigilance of staff, observance of sanitary norms, rules of the attractions’ operation and their safety, and even non-obvious things such as furniture without sharp corners or exclusion of the possibility for children to leave the establishment without their parents.
  2. The availability of the children’s menu. It is important for many parents to feed their child with good food, not fast-food. The participants of the survey want to see the children’s menu with a wide choice of dishes, including fruit, vegetables, healthy dishes, cereals, pancakes etc.
  3. The attention to the guests. Staff, ready to come to help at any moment, polite and friendly, especially to children. The flexibility and client-oriented approach are of great importance here. So as it would be possible to come with their own cake, for instance, or to take into account that the child suffers from allergy, while serving. Parents noted the inadmissibility of indifference, boorishness, negligence, lack of tact, communication on the script and talkings-to children in a rude manner.
  4. The clearness. Everything is just necessary to be clean.
  5. The variety of entertainments. Attractions and activities for all ages, entertainment service packages, children’s workshops and wholesome amusements.

На прошлой неделе я поинтересовался в Facebook: «На что вы обращаете внимание при посещении развлекательного центра с ребёнком?»

The parents told the things given below are also important:

  • toilets, clean and adapted for children;
  • the presence of animators, babysitters and observers;
  • conditioning and comfortable air temperature;
  • comfortable places for parents, including good coffee, Wi-Fi and charging for mobile phones;
  • the absence of drunken and aggressive people over the territory of the amusement park.

Kids’ queries are easier. The variety of attractions is the main thing for a child, and that’s the point where all the interests coincide. But, unlike their parents, the children come to the amusement park to have fun, rave, play, jump, run wherever it’s possible (verbatim quote) and, the main thing, to meet and interact with other children.

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