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6 ways to build up a dialogue with Owner

6 ways to build up a dialogue with Owner

A situation, when HR persuade the need of development, and Owner doesn’t share this position, is known to many Human Resources managers firsthand. So, how to achieve the effective communication with a General Manager, to win him over and to «sell» the idea?

We discussed that very question at the meeting of T&D club «HR vs Owner: two views on development». Me and Ksenia Biushkina — the leading Business Analyst of the company «Indoor amusement parks «, took the floor as speakers there.

There are several points, considering which, it’s possible to come to understanding with practically any Head. Let’s list the main ones:

1. Speak the Owner’s language. The representatives of HR-service with their deep inner world and understanding of the nature of things, sometimes, don’t take into account that the Owners see this world otherwise. It’s necessary to «sell» the proposal to the Head so that he could see an opportunity, harmonizing with his perception of the world and aims, in it.

2. The precision of the results. Give final clear forecasts, when making your ideas public. The owners think in numbers, it’s important for them to understand, what exactly they get as the result of the changes.

3. This is your business. Put yourself on the Owner’s place, consider and think as the owner of the business — how appropriate is it to spend money on this or that proposal.

4. Structure. Adjust the functioning of HR-system so that it could work without any faults, and show your Head manager general, structured image.

5. Warn of the after-effects. The safety of the business is of crucial importance for every owner.
At the same time, he doesn’t always realize all possible risks. It’s not worth of boring the Head with the detailed description of all the processes. It’s enough to outline the consequences and to explain the way to avoid problems.

6. Propaganda at all levels. Everyone in the company should engage in the development of the employees — either administration, or HR-service, or PR-department. Constant broadcast of values over all the directions will allow to achieve the highest results.

But no matter how good all these advices are, it’s important to understand, that every owner should be addressed to according to his paradigm and psychology. The central task of Human Resources here is to find some hits, that help to create united interests and to guide the work for the achievement of common purposes.

The photo documentary of the meeting can be viewed in the album of the meeting.

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