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The will to power

The will to power

Out of the shadows

At the start of my career, I worked as an ordinary billiard equipment salesman, but in some time I was able to become the store manager and then become a business owner. If a person has experience not only in management, but also in working in subordination, this enhances the probability of him becoming a quality leader and manager. People will treat you with great respect and trust, it will be easier to bond a team. As for myself, I can say that the combination of qualities such as strength of character, initiative and firm principles have helped me to become firstly the leader from the shadow, and then the formal one.

The meaning of anger

There is a good saying: «Jupiter, you are angry — this means that you are wrong." When a man is angry, moreso he is demonstrating his anger, there are two possibilities: either he is being manipulated by someone, or he is realizing that he can not change the situation, and he is angry, especially at himself. The anger that comes from the director is an indirect recognition of their own powerlessness. If the cause of anger are the actions of employees, it’s time to think about why the people are not able to cope with the task. You should either teach them, or replace them with those who will carry out the tasks.


The leader rallies a team around himself, which in turn also moulds the leader. This is an interconnected process. If the person «overplays» that he is paramount rather than the team, this stance is fraught with failure. A real leader is not afraid to take strong players into his team, because he understands that only this leads to success. You can accumulate weak personnel around you that will not aspire to take your position, but this road leads nowhere. Firstly, this limits the leader’s own development. Secondly, the efficiency and effectiveness of this approach is unsatisfactory. Ideally, when a lion forms a team of lions just like himself, together they form a pride — a strong group with common goals and interests.

One of our own

Here is an example from the practice, of how a man can «make» himself. For almost 15 years Manuchehr Rasulov has been working in our team. In the 2000s, when the influx of migrant workers, he came to St. Petersburg from Tajikistan. He worked with us as worker, as a laborer and as a technician-mechanic. When we started to build the FUN24 entertainment center in Kazan, Manouchehr offered to go to the city. He has also shown himself from his best angle there. At some point, we had a problem with the post of the head of the maintenance service of the FUN24 center. In a short time two managers were dismissed from this position, and as a result Rasulov was appointed to this position. Now I can say that we have never regretted this choice. While building FUN24, the employees who have worked with Manchur saw that he understands all the intricacies of construction — they knew that he can be contacted for any question. In fact, he was a «shadow» leader, and became a formal one. In this case, the solution to the personnel problem is to look around and identify the «hidden» leader in your team.

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The anger that comes from the director is an indirect recognition of their own powerlessness. If the cause of anger are the actions of employees, it’s time to think about why the people are not able to cope with the task. You should either teach them, or replace them with those who will carry out the tasks.

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