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What are the best-kept secrets of business people? Pavel Timets told the Zhazhda business magazine about backgrounds of business creating and obstacles which can arise on the way of the beginning entrepreneur.

— What was the starting point for the business creating? What first steps were the most important?

— A decision to be engaged in what is pleasant for me was determinative. We must take courage to choose a work to which the soul lies, as opposed to reliable and promising directions which are suggested by mind.

In student days, I was interested in billiards, so even during education in an institution of higher learning I found a job as a seller of goods for billiards. Thanks to my initiative and good knowledge of foreign languages, our company was the first official retailer of brands such as Longoni, Aramath, Iwan Simonis. And I have grown from a vendor in the CEO of the shop for 3 years.

In addition to initiative perseverance is very important, too. According to my observations, many sensible initiatives end in advance a step to success; it happens due to a lack of perseverance.

— What external factors are capable to help or put a crimp in young business?

— Alcohol both helps and hinders the beginning entrepreneurs in our country. In Russia alcohol culture evolved over decades. Against the background of this weakness (that someone is considered as strength) people break barriers quicker and make contact.

Many problems are resolved much easier when persons drink a shot glass. Remembering the beginning of my career, I can say that the number of successful transactions with my partners was signed during a good feast.

But there is also a reverse of the coin — alcohol reduces personal productivity in work. You’ll have to decide what has crucial importance and to sort out priorities for you. If you have got it bad — you can lose your business.

— Whether is there some special motor in a person who decided start-up? What force does make to hit the ground running?

— A desire to create something new shall burn inside the person. Need for independence and free choice are added to this desire.

I interested in business processes when I was a child. My and my brother’s favorite game was «Monopoly», and we did not purchase it. We ourselves drawn it and it was so more interesting to play.

When I was a schoolboy every weekend I went to a gray market in Devyatkino and bought Turbo and Donald chewing gums for 7 rubles per a box in which there were 10 chewing gums. At school I sold already for one ruble per a chewing gum. Profit from the box was 3 rubles. But it was not done for the sake of money. It was important for me to find out, get a feel as it works. When people begin to carry on business, the profit is at all not on the first place.

Before we opened FUN24 entertainment center in Kazan we worked round the clock with all team almost six weeks. When the project was launched as scheduled, I closed in my office and cried — so there was a strong emotional lift. A moment of profit no matches along with such emotions by feel. For these moments it is worth to do business.

— Were there some mistakes made at the beginning? Do you know the feeling of failure, and what lessons were you able to get out of such situations?

— At first, a lot is based on enthusiasm and confidence to people. In my case, some serious agreements have been secured verbally. Subsequently, there were several crises with partners due to the lack of bilateral agreements wrote into. It is taught me that all details shall be fixed legally. Then we are able to reduce likelihood of conflict.

Also I think that total immersion in the work with the head is an error. On start all life was connected with work. As an exemplary workaholic, I devoted to business 18 hours a day. I was really getting into that but there was no balance in it. Life was one-sided, I didn’t find time for relatives and own self-development. Now I understand that it is wrong, it is necessary to develop all vital spheres regularly.

— What do you feel to your competitors? Do you have serious contenders?

— Billiard clubs, cinemas may be considered as indirect competitors. But we have no direct competitors, because a format of large amusement parks is a rarity for Russia. It is very difficult and expensive to create this.

The all-inclusive system is not something revolutionary and already many years it operates in dozens of the countries around the world. But if we consider the Russian entertainment industry we were innovators here. Looking at our success, many tried to copy the approach, but they have failed due to lack of experience and financing. The fact is that the all-inclusive format can become successful only in a very large institution with the big range of entertainments. In each of our complexes there are about 30 types of attractions, and their number constantly grows.

I think that even the possible opening of the Moscow amusement park under the Dream Works brand will not affect our business as we aim at different audiences. The branch of the American concern is focused primarily on children. Young people from 18 to 25 years are key personnel of our audience. I believe that the future is in our format which assumes concentration of all possible entertainments in one territory.

— What methods and approaches do you practice in your business? Whether is some corporate applied to work in the daily mode?

— Stephen Kovi had significant effect on me. The most part of vital principles I learned from his work «The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People» that is a quintessence of simple rules applicable for any kind of business.

I prescribed for myself values and things which have crucial importance. Relatives, parents, children are undoubtedly important but you should not forget that you are the most important person in life. When you realize it, it becomes easier to go to the purposes and to place priorities.

I ordered for ourselves the values and the things that are critical. Close, parents, children, of course, important, but we should not forget that the most important person in your life — yourself. When you realize, go to the objectives and prioritize becomes easier.

— How do you select personnel and work in with people? What does percent of success depend on employees but not on the Head?

— The internal mission of our company reflects my approach for 100%. It is «to help young people to find friends, to build relations and to feel happy at work». All this is promoted by the friendly atmosphere in collective.

I try to be conflict-free with the personnel, be loyal, communicate head-to-head and select people with high level of responsibility. It is valuable to me when it is not necessary to be a parent in a team. When a person degree of responsibility is sufficient and it need not to remind him about one or another tasks.

More I select employees so that I could «close» my weak points. I am not a «finisher». Sometimes it can be difficult to finish something. Of course, I do what is necessary but sometimes through overcoming. Therefore, I surround myself with people who help to realize my ideas to a final stage.

— What features does a portrait of the ideal leader have?

— I quickly enough held a supervisory position. In my life there were a few chiefs therefore it is difficult for me to argue on what «the ideal leader» could be. And it is better to ask my subordinates how I look from outside.

Colleagues can consider that you are the excellent head, but problems will not be solved at the same time. Everything will end with the fact that you will remain simply «a good guy» for people. No try to be pleasant for everyone, it is more important to remember the task at hand.

— A few words about personal space: is the family a reliable back, an inspiration source for work or a major part of life?

— I had a period when work was everything to me but, fortunately, it passed. I carry this time more likely to mistakes. The family, undoubtedly, is important.

— Is the successful entrepreneurship fate, lucky strike or a set of «muscles» that can be pumped over? Whether does a person who is far from business have a chance to become an entrepreneur?

— Developing myself I understand that I invest in the most valuable resource which will always remain with me. Charles Darwin said: «Not the strongest and not the smartest one survives, but the one who adapts to changes best of all». The key to success is adaptation to fixed changes.

We must work hard to be open to new, not to be afraid of changes. Accepting an innovation, we must go through four stages: first denial, then considering, searching of possible advantages, and only then — acceptance and approval.

Passing these stages, a person will resist. That is his nature. You must develop an emotional intelligence not to spend force for fight. Then it will be more simply to realize own emotions, so, to manage them.

— If the hobby turns into work, then what else can such person be fond of? Whether were there still dreams and desires, how is this list long?

— Now I have two hobbies, they are to play volleyball and to support Zenit and Russian football team. Since my childhood I faithfully support the St. Petersburg football club, I try to visit all home games and exit competitions.

In the winter of this year I together with fans of Zenit participated in New Year’s congratulation recording especially for TV Match channel. We sang the «Blue Hoarfrost» song.

Practically any desire can be transferred to the purpose, to determine tasks for its execution and to perform it as a result. Business is only in number of spent resources. I find time for my own desires executing daily. And if we consider global dreams, then I would like to go into space.

— How do you estimate the further prospects of business development? Will be it quantitative or high-quality growth?

— Virtual reality and cybersport develop prompt rates. Without a doubt, that their popularity will only grow, especially among youth. Those who will orient and will support this direction in time will win. We, for example, already actively master it.

Computer zones work in many entertainment centers. We have an opportunity not just to attract youth but also to organize competitions, cyber tournaments, to carry out online broadcastings. Amusement parks help to develop the new arising culture.

— If business is many-sided how do we place priorities and formulate purposes? How can we separate essential minor?

— Goals, of course, are a lot. But priorities are placed proceeding from global directions. Opening of an entertainment center in Moscow is the main of the next purpose. I and my team devote a lot of time and forces it.


  • Pavel Timets, 39, St. Petersburg
  • Business: construction and management of multipurpose entertainment centers.
  • The Covered Amusement Parks company structure unites several entertainment centers that have a general managing team. Now LLC KPA controls parks in St. Petersburg (Maza Park), Kazan (FUN24) and Smolensk (Galaxy Park). About two hundred people work in each entertainment center.
  • Average annual turnover of EC: 300 million rubles a year.
  • Average cost of the covered amusement park: from 250 to 350 million rubles.
  • Average return: grew up to 8–10 years in comparison with 5–6 years (till 2014).
  • Average entrance fee: 300–800 rubles depending on pattern of services and a day of the week.
  • Average number of visitors of one park: daily from 800 to 1500 people (weekends).


What is the basic element of your character?


What do you value most in men?

Comfort in operation and communication and respect.

What is the most memorable trip?

Kazantip 2008 and trips with my father at the European football championships.

Whose master class would you go?

If Walt Disney was alive, I would not miss the opportunity to visit his workshop. From the living, I would listen to one of the best modern business consultants around world — Dr. Ichak K. Adizes.

What is a last book that you read?

Isaac Adizes, «Change Management».

What gift do you remember?

Dmitry Schneider gave me a sword of Jedi on my thirtieth anniversary. Then it was very rare, and made an impression on me.

What is your main source of inspiration?

The team I work with.

What do you regret?

That I did not get to the concert of Viktor Tsoi.

What is your vital rule?

Adhered to my principles.

How will you be in ten years?

If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans.

Author: Kristina Firsova

Source: Zhazhda business magazine, 30.01.2017

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