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The «Chief Time» magazine

Bread and circuses

Bread and circuses

Pavel Timets — one of the founders of the leisure park, named «Maza Park» told to the «Chief Time» magazine about how temporizing strategy helps to remain the outstanding player at the market.

What happens at the market in leisure sectors nowadays?

Sustainable fall in demand is observed last three years. The total mass of people spends less money, go anywhere less frequently, there are negative tendencies at the market, in general. We have wide enough target audience, that’s why it affects us to a less degree. Small companies, that don’t possess «fat component», suffer. We solve this problem in our own way — as major players we try to provide new services, react on everything, appearing in the world’s entertainment industry, in time.

Your company is at the front line in its field in Russia. Why everyone directs their attention on you?

In the industry of indoor entertainments, we became first ones, who started working with «all inclusive» system. It’s customary to pay for an hour or for a play everywhere. We went from otherwise: you just buy a ticket and enjoy all the entertainments on the territory of leisure centre without any restrictions. For the first time, such format was tried out at the «Leader» complex. Before the implementation of «all inclusive» about 200 people used to visit us on weekdays, and after — we increased the number of guests up to 2000. Since then many tried to replicate this format, but still none could.


«Leader» — is a huge complex, and there were all possibilities for variations in itself. In a certain moment we realized, that for the success of the work with «all inclusive» system it’s necessary to provide all spectrum of entertainments: billiard, bowling, motor-racing circuit, darts — to let everyone find the activity, he likes. We offer the widest range, that any other centre has. Perhaps, there is a dozen more services, at which implementation we are thinking over now. One more secret — a large quantity of equipment, that allows to avoid queues.

What is the major driving force in the crew?

Corporate culture. It’s not just a job for us, but a second house. When we set up Maza Park, four founders — my three friends and I — moved to another country to take part in a strategy session in order to create our mission. We worked from morning till night: when got tired — went to a swimming pool, then — set to work again, hookah and philosophical talks — in the evening.

Was the mission corrected from then?

It was modified a little bit by the words rearrangement within a certain phrase. Now our mission sounds as follows: «Help young men to find new friends, build relationships and feel happy». This is a pyramid.

Helping young people is a basis. The youth is our target audience and those, who work with us. Feeling happy is the top of the pyramid. To find new friends and build relationships — are the values of young people and one of the main stimulus at the same time. When you have a young crew, where good-looking boys and girls work, they do want to join such a team. We began to cultivate this idea, having realized, that such a non-material motivation causes the number of people, who want to work with us, to be the part of our team.

What do you undertake, when you realize a person is off the team?

Usually it’s immediately obvious — during the first step of job interview. We have some staff recruiting methods. Let’s assume, it demands to engage 10 instructors- coordinators. We invite 70 people and play the game with them. If a person reacts without any drive and doesn’t want to flow into, it’s clear at once. Such candidates are removed quickly. We need employees, enjoying their work.

What direction is your company going to move towards? How to change the strategy?

The complete re-profiling isn’t foreseen, we hold to temporizing policy up till now. We understand, many players leave market and we hope, there will come a moment, when the trend becomes positive and enters into its growth.

The author: Timofey Careba

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The source: «Chief Time» magazine, June — July 2017

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