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«Saint Petersburg» TV Channel

St. Petersburg is planning to create a network of theme parks

St. Petersburg is planning to create a network of theme parks

The city government is looking for those, who will entertain the citizens of St. Petersburg. Private investors have been proposed to create a network of seven theme parks, assisted by the government.

The project, which might cut the budget from 12 to 20 billion rubles, was approved at the Board of investments recently. It is suggested to begin with attractions and achievements in the field of science. Two theme parks will have been opened by 2022. And several more projects related to history, extreme entertainments and even to Asian culture — by 2025.

The economics was considered by the experts of McKinsey — the consulting company, trusted by capitalists all over the world. They guarantee that each Park will be visited by 1.5 million people annually.

It doesn’t usually take much time to persuade realizing a profitable project in business. Let’s find out what kind of reaction we can expect from the world of business.

The owner of entertainment parks Paul Times is on the line:

Date: 04.04.2018

Source: «Saint Petersburg» TV Channel

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