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Policy of using cookie files

Warning of using cookies on Timets.net website, and its both language versions

Cookie files are small files, consisting of letters and numbers. These files remain in your computer, Tablet PC, phone or other device you use for visiting site.

Cookies are widely used by browsers and website holders to support the work of sites or to improve its efficiency, and also, to get analytical information. We can use different types of cookies on our website:

Strictly necessary «cookie» files. Such files are required for the correct operation of our site, and they help you to use all the possibilities of it. If you disagree to use given type of files, please, leave our site.

Cookie files, relating to productivity, efficiency and analytics. Such files help us to understand the ways our visitors deal with our website, providing information of the pages, they visited and the amount of the time they spent on the site, also they indicate problems connected with our site work. Cookies, relating to analytics, help us to measure the effectiveness of information, posted on our website. Information of statistics of the site visits is collected through Yandex Metric and Google Analytics services. You can find out more details about these services, visiting their own Internet websites. Information, collected by mentioned services, help us to quantify visitors and the way they use our site, to enhance the efficiency of website and to understand deeply our audience interests, and also it gives other details, complete list of which, you can get acquainted with on Yandex Metric and Google Analytics websites. If you dislike the way our website collects web usage statistics and/ or disagree to use given type of files, please, leave our site.

How long are cookie files stored on your device?

Some cookies run from the time you enter the website until the end of the given, concrete session of your browser’s work. These files become unnecessary and are automatically removed at the closure of the browser. Such files are called «session cookies».

Some cookie-files are stored locally on your device between browser sessions — they are not discarded at the closure of the browser. Such cookies are called «permanent». Storage period of permanent files on your device is different for various cookies and browsers, you use to enter our site, including the peculiarities of personal settings of your device.

How can you manage cookie files?

The most of web-browsers are initially configured to receive cookie files. And you can find out what kind of configurations your browser applies, by studying its settings. You can change your browser’s settings. For instance, to clear your browser search history (delete cookies and web visitor data). There are some ways of managing cookies. Please, refer to the instruction of your web browser to get more information about how to correct or to change the settings of your browser. If you use several devices to visit our site (e.g., computer, smartphone, iPad etc.), you have to make sure every web browser on your every device is configured according to your point of view on cookie files.

If you disagree to the terms of our policies of using cookie files, statistics gathering of the site visits by Yandex Metric and Google Analytics services, or if you disagree completely or partially with the provisions, stated above, we ask you to leave our web site. By continuing to use our site, you agree to receive cookies from it, statistics gathering of the site visits by Yandex Metric and Google Analytics services and all the provisions, stated here.