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You can root formally and informally

You can root formally and informally

I’m talking about the sport. Since my childhood, i actively root for the football club «Zenit» and the Russian national team. I go to matches anywhere in the world to support our team. So when Eduard Latypov — President of the Club of fans of the Russian national team Russia Unites proposed to organize a festival for the fans in Maza Park, I enthusiastically supported this idea.

The broadcast of the Euro 2016 draw was the reason that on December 12, about 100 fans were at Maza Park on Bucharestskaya street. The draw sent the Russians to Group B. This summer, we have to play with the national teams of England, Slovakia and Wales.

But for me the highlight of the evening was that me being a fan was given an official status. I became a member of the Club of the Russian national team fans.

The «Россия Объединяет» (Russia Unites) movement is a community of fans supporting the Russian national teams in all sports competitions within and outside the country.

In the club we are planning a mass journey to France to support the team. Patriots, let’s support our boys at Euro 2016!

We’ll be sure to grab the legendary Boot of luck — a talisman, by rubbing which, every fan can make a wish. I think, you know which one.

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