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Workshop. Personal brand for employees

Workshop. Personal brand for employees

Once I wondered: «Who can tell about a public place better than people working there?» The best ad that you can only imagine is employees’ loyalty to their place of work! And if the employees of the amusement centre will start writing about their profession on social media, both them and the company could benefit from that.

Inspired with this idea, I, together with Anna Bessmertnaya, personal brand specialist, have conducted workshops on personal advancement for line personnel of the amusement centre FUN24. The workshop was free of charge, so any employee could attend.

The workshops have become the first step in advertising the amusement centre using employees’ accounts on social media. If you want such an offer to bring profit and not backfire, people need to fill their profiles on social media with correct information, giving their professional address, deleting all the compromising photos, videos etc.

We have passed on to the participants some plain and applied knowledge: a check-list on filling each private account; we provided them with clear examples of amusement centre’s life and told them about the forms and types of content; each of the employees draw up a list of personally applicable topics that they want to talk about on the net and prepared their first post. You can take a look on how the workshop went in the album Media FUN Buddy.

I hope that employees will take over the job and HR and Marketing departments will replicate the practice and will start using this approach working with new employees of FUN24.

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