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Where’s my coat-check stub?

Where’s my coat-check stub?

Damn it! Where’s my coat-check stub? Do you often catch yourself thinking about it embarrassingly pocketing yourself in front of a reproachfully-looking coat checker? But imagine your surprise when he recommends you to look at your own wrist where you’ll find your coat-check stub in the form of a bracelet.

This is how the classic coat-check stub wardrobe system looks like:
They order a batch of coat-check stubs, with time some of them get lost. When the number of the lost ones increases (to more than 100), they order others in place. This is how it should be.

In reality, they buy beautiful brand coat-check stubs, then their number is getting smaller and smaller. And so they turn one type of stubs into another by painting over the numbers, replacing the missing stabs with make-shift ones etc. All this chaos lasts until a new batch is ordered.

In the entertainment center FUN24, we replaced the standard coat-check stubs with rubber bracelets. The advantages include:

  • bracelet gives a great opportunity for branding,
  • the statistics of lost stubs has decreased,
  • such checks are cheaper and easier to manufacture. One bracelet costs 15–25 rubles for purchase, while the price for a standard coat-check stub can go up to 100 rubles or more.

Bracelets also have disadvantages — they get torn. During the week, about 10 torn bracelets are thrown away, but this is still less than the cost of lost and broken coat-check stubs.

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