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Coaching. Business Vaccine from COVID

Coaching. Business Vaccine from COVID

On September 29, the Autumn-2020 RAAPA EXPO Business Forum will host the coaching session titled «Business Vaccine from COVID».

Training program

  • What should you if your revenue dropped 50%? At this coaching, you will be offered an efficient post-quarantine plan for retaining profitability of your business.
  • Ready solutions. Over 30 working cases for revenue growth in 8 hours.
  • New government requirements. What should you be prepared for? How to avoid fines and closure? What will supervision services want to check?
  • Raise salaries when your profits increase. Motivating employees during the pandemic.
  • Not enough cash in business? Learn about legal instruments for optimizing taxes and transferring money.
  • Stronger together! You will form group to interact closely with each other, and we will help you develop a crisis strategy for your business. Working with professionals benefits everyone equally, as well as industry in general.
  • After the coaching, the speakers and participants will meet in an informal setting. You can expect a lot of good and fun to come out of this!

Your hosts:

  • Pavel Timets — entertainment industry expert and analyst, author of the book Fantastic Park. Entertainment Centers: From Projects to Happy Guests. Founder of the company Roofed Amusement Parks and Russia’s largest entertainment centers: Maza Park in Saint-Petersburg, FUN24 in Kazan, and Galaxy Park in Smolensk.
  • Oleg Savenkov — analyst of business processes, operational director of the FUN24 entertainment center. Expert in management and optimization of enterprises. Developer of the employee motivational system for 40 various positions. B2B and B2C sales expert.

Where and when:

September 29, from 10 AM to 6 PM, VDNKh, pavilion 55. Autumn-2020 RAAPA EXPO Business Forum.

To apply as participant, find a downloadable form on our site: www.raapa.ru. To request additional information, contact the RAAPA: raapa@raapa.ru.

On September 5, participation fee will increase!

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