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Top of the most popular attractions

Top of the most popular attractions

We attend professional exhibitions, choose something that our guests may find interesting. We test new equipment and monitor the level of interest of visitors. If the dynamic is positive — we crank up the power. The range of entertainment designed for indoor theme parks is very wide, but the market does not fully utilize it. There is not one single center (and we are no exception), in which at least seventy percent would of the entire range is present.

The level of interest in relation to the different types of entertainment is constantly changing. About five years ago it was possible to talk about the active interest of visitors in bowling. I think that it was due to the fact that for a long time, it acted as a rather expensive entertainment, and in our centers, we have made it cheap with our «all included» system.

According to surveys carried out in our centers, the autodrome is now at the peak of popularity. The second place in the ranking is occupied by the laser combat Q-zar, bowling is in third position. The interest in the Q-zar, I think, is due to the fact that it is a game for the youth in which the team spirit is pronounced. The autodrome is relevant to all ages because everyone loves cars! This entertainment is reminds the adults of the Czech Luna Park, a childhood dream. The young are attracted by the usability (you can master the controls quickly and easily) and on the other hand, the complexity of the equipment as a whole. The segways also stand out as a popular entertainment. The rent of a segway is worth about two hundred rubles for five minutes in Kazan, and in FUN24 you can ride them freely.

People judge the entertainment by its uniqueness. They primarily go to the apparatus, which they can only find here. The thinking works on the principle: «I will not be able to play this anywhere else," «In another place I will have to pay a high price for such a pleasure — that’s what I’ll start with!».

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