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To take the bull by its horns

To take the bull by its horns

How to hold a bull, if it’s impossible to grasp these very horns? In all our parks there is an attraction «rodeo bull». The entertainment in the spirit of classic American Westerns — you must stay on bull, rolling from side to side, as long as possible.

This attraction is usually responded by children and guys of a large stature, especially if they occurred in the park, accompanied by lovely ladies. How can brave hero not show off in front of a lady, displaying his daring and the iron grip?

Besides, I have curious statistics about the bull rodeo attraction. Do you know that they are guys of lightweight and children, who can keep astride the bull for the longest? The girls follow next.

If a hefty «cabinet» decides to ride the bull, he will fall down much faster than the fragile girl. Physics starts working here — on the average men’s center of gravity is higher, which means while rocking, the moment of inertia grows higher too. With all the other things being equal, large men have to hold on more tight.

Bull can be switched to different modes of intensity in terms of speed, angles of inclination and even to transfer to manual control. It possesses both complex configurations and simplified ones.

In FUN24 once a little girl, who could easily keep the balance for 126 seconds, set a record at medium settings. She raised the bar for many months ahead — no one could survive longer than 30 seconds at the same settings.

Finally, I’ll share a couple of life hacks about how to stay on the bull as long as possible:

  • The lower the weight, the easier it will be not to fall off;
  • If you capture the bull’s neck with your feet, you can greatly increase your chances for a record;
  • Many people try to grab the bull with both hands. This is wrong. The bull’s center of rotation is located in the area of the rope, which is necessary to keep to with the right hand (if you’re right handed). The closer your body is to the center of rotation, the less chances are left for you to be twisted and thrown away the implement. The second (free) hand is better to keep upraised for balance, as the Cowboys used to do.

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