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The greatest day was coming to an end yesterday

The greatest day was coming to an end yesterday

Almost 500 people wished me a happy birthday on social media and around a hundred did so by phone. The dearest and nearest of mine threw a cool party right in the walls of my favorite office (with me being involved, of course).

I thank everyone who came that day to share the party with me as well as a delicious cake in the colors of my favorite football club. I thank my wife Sonya for the snow-white dress matching my outfit and for the shiny white smile, Andrei from the «Brothers Bartenders» project for the individual and friendly approach to each guest, a hookah-maker Jura for the clouds even in sunny weather, my old friends for the fact that they never forget to congratulate me in person, my colleagues for the support and unusual presents, guys from waf-waf for the lovely personal gift, deejay Nikita for the loud music, St. Petersburg for sunny weather, a photographer Sergey for the clear view of the things happening around through the camera lens and for the possibility of keeping this day not only in my memory, but in the pictures.

See pictures from Pavel Timets’s Birthday in the photo album.

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