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The Forth Secret. Corporate Library

The Forth Secret. Corporate Library

We have realized our lifelong dream — a Book Club in Kazan Entertainment Center FUN24. We purchase books at Publishing House of Business Literature to form our Book Collection in the Company. Persons interested to get through a book that there is no in the Library can send an application to the FUN24 Business Analyst and also to Chairman of the Book Club — Oleg Savenkov.

10 active readers are in the Club. Presentation is arranged bimonthly for all interested employees. Every participant prepares 10 Minute Presentation of his book: its title, author, basic idea; the book was or was not pleasant for him and why; whom it can be useful for. It is much more interestingly to read when there is someone to discuss the reading book.

If desired, any employee of the Company, regardless of his position, whether he is an instructor-coordinator or a manager can take the book home. We try to buy universal books that can be useful for everybody not only for managers. Mainly business literature is in our Book Collection now. Perhaps, when we will open a Library in the Petersburg Company, art editions will appear there.

The Book Club is not interested only to the staff employees but also to potential employees who will respond to the position with great interest, in which description not «free coffee and cookies» but the Corporate Library will be specified. At least, we are more interested in the last.

Finally, I will play on relevance of the anti-crisis advices and give my recommendation. If you think over where to invest money wisely — buy books for personal and professional growth. It is the most affordable way to self-education.

Sooner or later all crises come out in the end but knowledge remain. If you want, knowledge develop into skills and abilities are in skills that make us professionals. In addition, the subsequent hard times will be experienced more easily as the more a person reads the more he sees ways out of difficult situations.

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