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«The Event Calendar» training from the «Indoor amusement parks» company

«The Event Calendar» training from the «Indoor amusement parks» company

We’ll conduct a training «The Event Calendar. Once and for the whole year» in St. Petersburg on May 21. We’ll tell about all the nuances, connected with preparation and organization of events, share our 17-year experience, and every participant of the training will get a ready-made wall Calendar of events from the company «Indoor Amusement Parks» as a bonus.

This training will be useful for:

  • marketers,
  • inventors,
  • managers of hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment and shopping complexes.

During the training you will:

  • learn how to schedule The Event Calendar, according to the specificity of your business;
  • get 8 effective tools, due to which your company will be able to earn money at the World Cup without any extra payings;
  • make a schedule for the 1st of September and the Freshman Day with the best revenue and attendance;
  • be able to launch preliminary sales of New Year’s tickets, to return the invested money long before the beginning of the event;
  • find out how to use internal resources to stimulate visits on weekdays and low seasons;
  • catch the ideas of arranging your institution the best way in order to attract Guests;
  • find the ideas for self-promoted advertising layouts and WOW-invitations;
  • learn how to attract the best partners and information sponsors.

You will receive these and many other secrets from experts and entertainment industry leaders at our training!

The cost of participation is 18 500 rubles. If you pay the training before May 7 — 14 800 rubles!

Time and venue — May 21, from 10:00 to 18:00, Martynov embankment 10, St. Petersburg.

You can sign up for the training by phones +7 950 003 43 31, +7 931 532 70 50 or by sending an e-mail to goods@kpa.ru

See you at the training!

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