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The announcement of Paul Timets’ trainings. RAAPA-2018

The announcement of Paul Timets’ trainings. RAAPA-2018

The participants of the forthcoming Business Forum of the entertainment industry professionals RAAPA-2018 will be the first to get acquainted with the new development of our company — the calendar of entertainment center events.

We have been working over this project for three months and have created a ready-made tool for everyone, involved in organizing events. The development is based on our 15-year old experience of preparing and conducting events in entertainment centers.

On February 27, as part of the XX Jubilee International Exhibition «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2018», together with Ksenia Biushkina we shall start the Business Forum with a presentation of a new product and conduct an eight-hour business training «The calendar of entertainment center events. Once and for the whole year». We shall explain how to use the calendar effectively, as well as:

  • Оpen the secrets of increasing the revenue of events by 30–120%;
  • Tell about the correct and effective planning of the shares;
  • Calculate the optimal time of the preparation’s beginning;
  • Consider the way the archive of the conducted events helps in work and how to carry it on;
  • Analyze early planning;
  • Create an activity calendar for a year ahead, so that you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Having completed the training, the participants will receive a ready-made tool, they can apply at their enterprise.

By the way, pleasant news does not end there. «The Indoor amusement parks» LTD doesn’t only inaugurates the Business Forum, but is going to finish it with the training, as well.

On March 3, we shall conduct another business training on the Financial Security and increasing revenues by preventing abuses. At this meeting we shall:

  • Tell you how much the company loses due to abuses of its employees and guests,
  • give examples of violations and ways of preventing them,
  • explain, how blind encashment allows to strengthen control over the financial activity security,
  • teach to identify ‘dead souls’, so as not to overpay for fake hours.

We guarantee a lot of useful and working cases from the leading practitioners of the entertainment industry. See you at the exhibition «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2018!»

The terms of participation can be found on the exhibition website.

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