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Stickers for Telegram. Pavel Timets.

Stickers for Telegram. Pavel Timets.

A pack of stickers from Pavel Timets is now available on Telegram. I’m very glad that the stickers are finally ready and I rush to share this news with you!

The designer, the PR-manager and I have been working hard for a long period of time to design the character, it was a big job. We’ve studied in depth the concept of every image, made a whole lot of corrections for the character to look more like me. We wanted the images to be not only beautiful and interesting, but also well-drawn and convenient for communication via the messenger.

We addressed the matter with the utmost seriousness because the character designed for the stickers will appear on the pages of my future book that will be published next spring.

For the meantime, the stickers have «settled» on Telegram!)). Besides, not every sticker is available here, there’re 16 of them in the pack. You can see other stickers and download them in 3 following ways:

Type «Timets» in the sticker search bar on Telegram and download the sticker pack

  • Message me on Telegram and I’ll respond you with a sticker, pressing on which you can download a whole pack
  • Those who have Telegram installed on their computers and VPN set just need to сlick the link https://t.me/addstickers/Timets to download the stickers.

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