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Space. Agile-diary for personal development

Space. Agile-diary for personal development

For about a month I have been using the Agile-diary from Katerina Lengold. The bottom line is to set goals not for a year, but for shorter intervals of 9 weeks and mark intermediate stages.

Three goals for 9 weeks are decomposed into small steps — first weekly, and then for each day. There are special blocks, designed to develop useful habits, in this diary. For example, I use it to do my morning exercise, congratulate my friends and acquaintances in social networks with their birthdays and express gratitude to other people.

Now I’m actively testing the diary. It is still difficult to say how much it helps to achieve goals. Something goes the right way, something — not. But filling the lines in the planner, you track the steps on the way to your goal, one way or another. The diary makes the work transparent and allows you to notice the deviations from the schedule immediately.

I recommend Agile-diary to everyone who likes classic SCRUM, approaches to the setting of goals structurally and possesses enough time and self-organization not to forget about daily records.

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