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Results of the year FUN24

Results of the year FUN24

Our internal mission is: «Helping young people to build relationships, make friends and to feel happy at work."Forming a team of professionals, united by a common idea in FUN24 it was the main goal for me in 2015. After all, such a team — is the real value of any company.

I appreciate the efforts and contribution of everyone to the cause, so I want to mention the best employees of the year and express my gratitude.

Thank you, Oleg Mikhailov for the successful launch of a front-unit and the organization of clear teamwork. The efficiency of the actions of Oleg are proved by his rapid career growth. In a year he has grown from a front-manager to a operational director. For Oleg this year is just one segment of his professional road, and for the rest — a good example of what to aim for.

A remarkable example of dedication to the company, effective work and career growth is Manouchehr Rasulov. Starting as a technician and laborer, Manchur reached the post of the head of service operations. I can confidently say that the service in Kazan is the most reliable of all four of our centers. Thank you!

Due to the willingness to work and perseverance of Sergei Chubich, the end of 2015 was marked with the long-awaited opening of the «Vozduh» restaurant. Thanks to Sergei and to all who helped in the launched of this project. Your work has allowed visitors and residents of the capital of Tatarstan to enjoy panoramic views of Kazan from bird’s-eye view. It is your merit!

My personal thanks to DIna Burganova and Oleg Savenkov, who went to work in the launch of our entertainment center in Smolensk (Galaxy Park) and actively participate in the strategic work of MC «PARK».

Thank you, the bar manager Sergey Morozov for having our guests well fed and always in a good mood!

Ramil Isgandarov showed excellent results, who in August 2014 served as an instructor-coordinator, and now succesfully copes with the work of a front-manager. Achieving this was possible thanks to Ramil’s professional and leadership skills, charisma and commitment to the interests of the company.

Summing up the 2015 Best Buddy Contest, Pavel Lipatov, Alexander Ants, Ekaterina Morozova, Alain Bazykova and Xenia Polikarpov are aknowledged being the best. These people have shown good results and several times became the best employees of the month. Thank you for making FUN24 a first-class place on Kazan’s entertainment map.

The direction of FUN24 notices every promising employee and helps him grow into a professional. We apreciate and reward your achivements, because this is what gives incentive for further development. Here, before you are the examples of how our colleagues, thanks to their efforts, perseverance, responsibility, devotion to the team and the company achieve internal development and career growth. I am convinced that in 2016, the joint efforts of employees of FUN24 will raise the bar even higher. Next year we are planning to expand and open a new entertainment center. Perhaps some of you will be pioneers and will go on to establish the work on a new site.

Friends! I am glad that in our team, there are people that are not afraid of any crisis, any increase in the exchange rate. I wish you good guests and enthusiasm at work!

❄ Happy New Year! ❄

Paul Timets, FUN24 General director

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