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Our centers would be different without Anton

Our centers would be different without Anton

A story when regular Guests of our entertainment centers become a part of our team is not uncommon for us. Anton Sigaev who was a Guest in our entertainment center for a long time is the most glaring example.

At the beginning of noughties Anton came to our amusement park to play Q-zar. His laser battle team consisted of heavily built men and had affectionate name «Babies». I think, Anton could not assume that over time it will result in Maza Park, FUN24 and Galaxy Park at that moment.

Now I and Anton are partners. He is co-owner of our entertainment centers, and the past six months he is the CEO of FUN24 in Kazan.

Pledge of a successful team is that everyone has a certain set of skills and talents. Without Anton our centers would be different. I am first uncluttered — structuring, forming processes are important for me. Anton is first material. Material needs are at the first place for him.

He loves comfort, if it’s bad, that not at all. Service availability is important for me. This is achieved by a decrease in investment. I’m afraid that if I built entertainment centers alone, they were much the worse than now.

Anton wants to do well. «Hush-hush» karaoke club in Galaxy Park is one of examples. This club he led himself and created a place of premium class. It is different from our other projects. Such ideas are more expensive but provide large revenues.

FUN24 is headed by Anton from May. Thanks to Anton, we took under control «Baryonyx» water park. We had this opportunity for a long time, I thought hard, weighed, assessed risks but Anton just went and did.

Now he restructures the «Sing up» karaoke club in Kazan. In mid-December we make preparations to open a new and improved version of this place. Name was subject to rebranding too. Its name will change from «Sing up» to «Hush-hush.»

How can he manage all of this? The secret is in ability to gather people around himself and energize. Anton can be compared to electricity that makes to glow every lamp of a garland. People break the ice, inspire and embody his ideas.

Our meeting many years ago was fateful for all of us and for business at large. We are different. But the more versatile persons are at the heart of the company, the more need is met. Good business is complex; Anton is expressive part of our business.

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