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Infographics is as a way to express an idea

Infographics is as a way to express an idea

The last three days of the outgoing week I versed in intricacies of Infographics. Through training and brainstorming, I have periodically faced with the fact that I can not always portray on a sheet or a flipchart whatever I should have liked. In conversations with colleagues it has been found that others they, are faced with this problem too. We realized that it is time to fill the gap, and a team of five men went at Infographics Training.

It turned out that the devil is not so black as he is painted. No need to be an artist to embody thoughts on paper. Everything is great deal easier than it seems. Now, with help of visual images and symbols I could just tell adults and children about complex things! I will explain to my son what? how? and why? simple and most importantly understandable drawings.

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