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Grand opening of Galaxy Park in Smolensk

Grand opening of Galaxy Park in Smolensk

We were facing a difficult task — to lay out the program of the show in such a way that our guests may spend the day in the most fun and interesting way possible. We are well aware that during the day of the festival will parents will come with their children, that in the evening the youth will come, and that at night when the kids go to bed, we will have to entertain the audience with something «hotter».

I’ll tell you only about the most important and the interesting. During the day we held a variety of contests (eating space-burgers and donuts), darts competitions, air hockey, basketball, derby, rodeo, bowling and so on. D. Artists from the Jokers Team creative workshop presented a children’s show «Alice in Wonderland».

The special guests and the main event of the day was the live-performance of the band Pizza, to whose incendiary hits all the «Galaxy Park» danced!

And after 22:00 the most interesting part began — the show for adults. The beautiful Dj Mary Jane showed the audiance her charms. No, she is not Spider-Man’s girlfriend, how some of you may think… Dj Mary Jane — is musics night queen, turning her records in half-naked, topless… The final chord of the evening was the erotic representation from the beauties from the capital of the burlesque show «Divine».

Judging the opening of «Galaxy Park» on the hashtags left by our guests under the photos on social networks, then we have done a good job, as they were #ItWasAFunNight, #MyFeetHurt From Dancing and they are not planning on going home any time soon.

Congratulations to all the people of Smolensk, and to all the colleagues who created this amusement park!

Which city will be next? Your versions!

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