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FUN24. Platform for new projects

FUN24. Platform for new projects

My friends! So, for the next six months (or even longer) my playground is Kazan, as a very interesting project is developing there. Sometime ago I moved to Kazan for a year and a half to build and launch this very center — FUN24. Now that I’m back, I realize how important for me are FUN24 and people who work here. I wish to put as much spirit and energy into this center, so I’m open to any partnership offers.

I expect these offers to come literally from anywhere. It could be from potential partners; or those we’re working with now, or worked previously; or employees, friends, friends of friends… You get it, the list goes on. We appreciate energy, involvement, enthusiasm, and win-win performance!

Anyone who has plans and ideas can find me and present their projects. We’ll see what we can do! It could be anything: running events and concerts, setting up new equipment, organizing contests, conferences and other activities. In general, I presume that FUN24 has enough resources to be a platform for anything, but I’m ready to consider your propositions.

In general, I presume that FUN24 has enough resources to be a platform for anything, but I’m ready to consider your propositions.

A couple of words on how I ended up in Kazan. The more courses and seminars I gave, the more often I thought about how I was sliding from practice to pure theory. This problem is familiar to many «infopreneurs». Training courses, conferences and public speeches are good, but fieldwork is a must. Else you’re starting to lose practical skills, forget to keep up with changes, and sooner or later, you become a talking head hardly anyone listens to. This is one of my greatest fears, but fortunately, I was given an opportunity to go to Kazan.

In Saint-Petersburg, I worked 40 hours a week at most. In Kazan, I work over 10 hours a day with no day-offs. I start at 9 am and return to my apartment at 11 pm. There, I take a quick shower and go to sleep. Wake up, repeat. This routine, however, allows me to practice everything I teach others at courses. For instance, implement necessary changes in the center and find what can — and should — be improved. That’s also how I get new cases for my courses.

Working as team, we integrate a great number of new features into FUN24 and develop even a greater number of new ideas. This is what really gets me going! Yes, I work extra, but still, I feel a powerful surge of energy. Only now do I realize how much I missed this kind of drive.
I’ll be in Kazan until mid-January at the least. Bring me your most interesting and ambitious projects, and we’ll have them done! I’m waiting for your offers. You can text me in social networks or send an e-mail at paul@timets.net.

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