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Favourite places of Kazan

Favourite places of Kazan

It’s been a year since Kazan became a second home to me. Not for the first time I settle down here. I also came here in 2014 for a long period of time to launch an amusement centre project FUN24. Since the beginning of this summer, I became so involved in the work of the park that I still cannot leave my favourite brainchild and return to St. Petersburg. During this time, I managed to make up the top list of my favourite places in Kazan and today I want to tell you about them.


I spend almost all my free time here. I won’t boast about FUN telling you all about the interesting things there because you will think I’m promoting it in this post.

But at FUN I feel so cool both working with my colleagues and talking to our guests. My favourite place inside the centre is the bar counter by the rollerdrome.

The counter is pretty long (more than 15 meters). You can work sitting at it on the comfortable height and watch the key attractions of the amusement park.

From here, you can clearly see the new trampoline centre located on the fourth floor of the building, the guests dancing on the «Just Dance» attraction in front of a huge diode screen. Also, here one sees how large companies of guests, leaving the motor-racing circuit, go to throw balls into basketball baskets standing 12 pieces in a row. For me, this is a convenient overview and working platform located not in the office part, but directly in the entertainment centre itself.

«The Black Lake» Park

Having moved to Kazan I didn’t buy a fines club season ticket and decided to do sports outside.

Not far from the place where I live, there is a park called «The Black Lake» with horizontal bars, parallel bars, and a good treadmill. It is here that I come to exercise. First, I do strength exercises, then I run. The park is located in the city center, restored and refined. «The Black Lake» is good at any time of the year, and in winter you can skate!

Kazan Airport Business Hall

This is a separate building with calm, cozy atmosphere and good service. Here you can always relax or work in comfortable conditions. And here I always catch myself on the pleasant thought that I am flying home — to my native town St. Petersburg.

Kolkhoz market

The central market of Kazan is located near the railway station. On the «Kolkhozniy» there’s always a large selection of meat, sausages, cheeses, horse meat. This is the only place I know where you can buy fragrant and delicious pecans.

Lake «Lebyazhye»

When leaving Kazan, near Lebyazhye Lake, there is a good picnic area with small stalls where barbecues are fried. Here you can try the kebab of catfish, horse meat, beef, veal, turkey, and the usual pork and chicken. In St. Petersburg I do not know any place similar.

Fedoseevskaya 38

In the very heart of Kazan, next to the Palace of Farmers and the Kremlin Embankment, is the house where I lived for about a year and a half. For me, this is in its own way a magical place my memories of Kazan are associated with as of a very beautiful city. This is a house of unusual architecture overlooking the beautiful main attractions. But the most important thing is that this place is associated with memories of how we launched the largest entertainment center in the Volga region, FUN24. It was a really cool time!

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