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Development Course of the Entertainment Center Manager

Development Course of the Entertainment Center Manager

Having generalized knowledge and experience in construction and management of amusement parks stored in the last 15 years we prepared a scale learning training named «Development Course of the Entertainment Center Manager».

What have you ahead of you?

We understand uselessness of dry theories and boring presentations therefore you have only working cases and interesting practical jobs ahead of you. All course is ground to develop skills and to solidify gained knowledge.

Together we will consider entertainment centers areas of governance (finance, marketing, HR-management, entertainment equipment features, F&B and so forth).
In a separate module we will analyze and test your all-administrative skills (communication, leadership, team building, negotiating, personal image etc.).

+ As a bonus each participant will take opinions and maintenance on his project.

Who should precisely take the course?

  • Entertainment center and amusement park managers.
  • Top managers and business leaders in show business.
  • They who wants to open an entertainment center but doesn’t know where to begin.

When and where?

The course program is expected half a year and consists of five modules. Each module lasts for five days. We meet in cities where there are our entertainment centers:

  • I module — from October 8 to October 12 in St. Petersburg
  • II module — from November 19 to November 23 in Kazan
  • III module — from December 10 to December 14 in Smolensk
  • IV module — from January 29 to February 3 in Kazan
  • V module — from March 13 to March 17 in St. Petersburg

Leaders and curators of the course

  • Pavel Timets is the General Manager of «Indoor amusement parks» LTD, the founder and the partner of Maza Park (SPb), FUN24 (Kazan) and Galaxy Park (Smolensk) entertainment centers
  • Ksenia Biushkina is a Leading Business Analyst of «Indoor amusement parks» LTD

Our experts

  • Sergey Shabanov and Alyona Alyoshina are founders of the EQuator training center and authors of the book «Emotional intelligence. Russian practice»
  • Natalya Barinova is a coach-teacher of the International School of Business Coaches ICBT
  • Anton Sigayev is the General Manager of FUN24 indoor amusement park in Kazan, the founder and the partner of a network of Maza Park and Galaxy Park entertainment centers
  • Iiko automated system experts, experts in gaming equipment, etc.

To receive irrefragable answers at cost, registration, detailed course program and discounts write to Ksenia Biushkina k.biushkina@kpa.ru.

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