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Close friendships should be cherished since childhood

Close friendships should be cherished since childhood

On November the 27th the usual course of events has been broken. Behind the door of one of the classrooms constant explosions of laughter were heard. The school’s director would certainly show up to figure out what caused the irrepressible fun, but she was also in this room.

In addition to the director (Irina Revoldovna Korolkova) two were two classes were in the classroom — 11 «a» and 11 «b». «Who, then, was responsible for disturbance of the peace?» — you would think. After all, when the director is present the students usually behave quietely.

I will tell you the cause of the anomaly and the answer is that as a former pupil of the business school «Business Wave», on this day I came to talk to future graduates of 2016. The meeting took place on an equal footing, despite the twenty years difference in age. The students were in a mood for comunication and almost immediately began to ask questions.

Our mood coincided, and the ringing of childish laughter certainly distracted the students languishing over textbooks in adjacent classrooms.
The leitmotif of the meeting addressed the idea of how important it is to make friends and keep in touch with classmates after graduation. I think that tickets to Maza Park, gifted to the kids, will help strengthen the friendship and will become a cause for common good memories.

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