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Career development in staff motivation

Career development in staff motivation

It’s pretty hard to fullfil your dream, if you spend all your time lying on the couch and aimlessly scrolling through social networks. Leading companies are not heading in the same direction as such candidates. But they are ready to provide all the conditions for those who crave new knowledge, skills and useful contacts.

One of the features of our company — the possibility of rapid career growth. We have achieved this through the versatility of our employees. For example, instructors-coordinators work at all of the receptions. One day — at the bowling alley, the second — on rollerdrome, next — Q-zar, billiards, shooting galleries, etc. The instructors are always replacing each other. As a result, the employee becomes universal, and in case of ascension knows how each reception functions firsthand.

If a person is interested in his own development, enrichment with new knowledge and understands that this will lead to career growth, he will aspire to work in a company where all of these posibilities are present.

We are also implementing this approach in management. This way, the company’s human resources of high quality, and the company’s knowledge base, which is growing not only in the archives, but also in the minds of the employees is expanded.

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