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How important for all of us to have a close person to whom you can always rely on. It is especially true in business. In 2012, I was fortunate to meet Kseniya Biushkina, just Ksiusha for me now, whom I have already been working with for the fourth year.

We complement each other well. I can think of many things, but I do not always manage to implement them myself. It is necessary to have someone next to me, who can carry it out. Ksiusha is such a person. In her twenty-five, Ksiusha is wise, structured, reliable and diligent.

As for me, she’s a business-muse, who has helped to implement most of the ideas. When I share my thoughts with her and see that she was «caught», I understand, we can implement it! If she shared my point of view, you can immediately register the purpose, appoint the date and start implementing.


I would have never started myself one of the important achievements in my life — The development course of the leisure center manager. Once I shared with Ksiusha the idea of writing a two-volume edition about the way to build an entertainment center and how to manage it. It was among the tasks in addition to our basic work.
We talked about it all the time, but we did not have enough skills to form a training program. Realizing, what things should be taken into the course, we didn’t know how to do it. And it was Ksiusha, who had the idea of passing together a semi-annual training from the company EQuator, that we have successfully done.


When I gathered the team to go to the construction of the Kazan FUN24 entertainment center, Kseniya responded among the first ones. It’s valuable for me, because many people regarded the trip to Kazan with disbelief and refused to go.

She was supposed to arrive in Tatarstan for a month, but eventually stayed there for four months. During this time, there was so much done! She took a huge number of tasks on her — the alignment of business processes, prescription of job descriptions, regulations, recruitment etc.


A good thing concerned with Ksiusha is that if she disagrees with something — she is not afraid to express it directly. We build a corporate culture, based on equality, but often people cannot overcome the barriers of social statuses in their job and communication. Many proposals and solutions are perceived as orders.

I work hard to avoid such situations — ask open-ended questions, lead discussions, but it’s not always possible to keep myself the right way. From that point of view, Ksiusha is a person, who can correctly, gently and convincingly explain her position. In this case, it is easy enough for her to convince me.


Ksiusha is superefficient. We often undertake some task and divide it in half. As a result, it often ends up with Xenia making everything much faster, and then shifting part of my tasks on herself. At such moments, I realize how much the efficiency of one person may be different from that one of the other.

With all her responsibility and discipline, Ksiusha is very sociable. She knows how to work and relax, which is important in the entertainment industry — at parties she dances on racks and comes off the full.

The concepts of «business» and «muse» would seem rather incompatible. «Business» is tangible and concrete, and «muse» — creative, inspiring and sublime. However, these concepts can be successfully combined in one individual.

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