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Book by Pavel Timets + bonus

Book by Pavel Timets + bonus

From now on, if you buy a copy of Fantastic Park, you will get a bonus: an expansion pack of articles on minimizing expenses during the pandemic, titled as Total Reduction in Entertainment Center.

This expansion contains 30 cases, which allowed us to cut our expenses by 35% in just one month. One of our main principles is «win-win»: save money without degrading quality, and sometimes even improving it.

There‘s information that you can find in these cases:

  • how to reduce the payroll budget expenses;
  • why we said goodbye to HR and marketing;
  • how the «win-win» strategy actually works;
  • what are the benefits of Guest self-service;
  • how to reach self-sufficiency;
  • do you need to meet every Guest personally;
  • how to compile high-margin menu…
  • …and many other cases!

You can buy Fantastic Park. Entertainment Centers: From Project to Happy Guests, now with a special bonus expansion, at kpashop.ru. Acquire a physical or a digital copy of the book, and you will get the Total Costs Reduction in Entertainment Center expansion as a PDF file.

Книга представлена в бумажном и электронном вариантах. Бонус «Тотальное сокращение затрат в развлекательном центре» — в формате PDF.

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