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Birthday Party at Entertainment Center

Birthday Party at Entertainment Center

Depending on the type of the main audience of an entertainment center (children, families or young visitors), celebrating birthdays can gross different amounts of profit. For example, in smaller centers for children, «birthday profit» can account to up to 50% of the net profit. That’s a considerable amount. In our entertainment centers, we’re going for 15% of the turnover, but we don’t reach that every year.

Celebrating birthdays is beneficial for entertainment center owners in two major ways:

  • Increase in customers. There are generally a lot of Guests attending a birthday party — not 1, or 3, or even 5, but the average of 10.
  • Increase in average purchase size. When celebrating a birthday party, Guests tend to spend a bit more than usual.

These benefits coincide with the main strategic purposes of our company, which are increasing the average purchase size and attendance. This is why we consider it vital to develop the concept of the birthday party economically.

Another benefit of birthday celebration is that it’s relatively easy to target a birthday person on social media. These are the economic and marketing aspects of celebrating birthdays, but there’s also a third one — emotional. Any Guests celebrating a birthday party add to the overall atmosphere of festivity, which is important for any entertainment center!

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