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A Business Card with mint taste

A Business Card with mint taste

Once, I wrote about my attention to business cards. Recently I’ve got new cards. I’m sure, you haven’t seen anything like this yet, because it’s not just a card, but a chewing gum.

My social circle is wide and it’s not limited by business partners only, for whom the official variants of cards are intended to. At the same time, it’s very important for me, that any person — whether a participant of a training, or line staff of a leisure center, or just a barman in a favorite pub, has an opportunity to appeal directly to me, if necessary.

It may seem weird, if the founder gives his business card, for example, to a bowling operator. Another matter — if he gives a shewing gum with an invitation of friendship. This will make good impression and be remembered by everyone. Besides, it will help many people to overcome psychological barrier — so that a person will not be ashamed to «sign up» for friendship.

I’ve already checked — my «chewing cards» make indelible impression on everyone they’re given to and, what’s more important, they leave pleasant aftertaste;)

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