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Amusement parks will replace Turkey and Egypt for the Russians

Amusement parks will replace Turkey and Egypt for the Russians

The era of import substitution has come

Despite the difficult economic situation, the flow of visitors in entertainment centers has only decreased slightly: thanks to the fact that the businessmen did not raise the ticket prices. However, they had to pay for this with an increase in terms of return on investment. The vast majority of equipment — imported and payed for with reference to hard currency. Domestic production also has imported components, and, according to various estimates, the prices of some products have risen by about 30%. Businessmen say that many owners of entertainment centers are faced with a reduction in the average ticket: people come, but they buy less than at the best of times.

«The entertainment industry has had to adapt to functioning in conditions of an economically unstable situation. This mainly affected the purchase of new equipment. First of all, most of the equipment and technical support for the entertainment centers is purchased from foreign suppliers. This year we had to search for domestic manufacturers, of which it turned out to be there were not too many» - shared his observations with the blog» Academy of entertainment from VIA Bowling / Gameplay  the co-owner of the entertainment centers Maza Park, Galaxy Park and FUN24 Paul Timets.

Ultra All Inclusive Format

The changes in the market conditions are stimulating the businessmen to make bold marketing moves. «In order to attract and retain visitors, many companies are moving to the discounter segment. There are already bars, restaurants, bowling clubs, cinemas, entertainment centers, actively working in this direction. — Says Paul Timets.

Note that the centers that the centers Maza Park, Galaxy Park and FUN24 Managed by his team «Leader» pioneered the new for Russia single ticket format. After paying an entrance fee from 300 to 700 rubles, guests can have fun for an unlimited amount of time and try all the rides. Moreover — now in Kazan’s FUN24 park Paul Timets’s team is running trial of the Ultra All Inclusive format: in addition to the attractions,the guests are offered a low-alcohol drinks and food.

The businessman believes that the entertainment centers can be an outlet for the Russians, who lost the possibility to rest on their favorite resorts. «Given the geopolitical situation, our end user will not travel to Egypt, nor Turkey again, this means that the money will not leave the country. This will lead to the development of domestic consumption, that will affect the entertainment industry positively. In periods of crisis the interest in all kinds of entertainment grows, as a way of distraction from reality», - says Paul Timets.

Source: Blog «Entertainment Academy» from VIA Bowling/Gameplay

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