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    Developing myself I understand that I invest in the most valuable resource
    which will always remain with me. Charles Darwin said «Not the strongest
    and not the smartest one survives, but the one who adapts to changes best of all».
    The key to success is adaptation to fixed changes.
    Our mission is to help young people to find friends, to build relations and to feel
    happy. Our values are freedom, friendship, team and vivid impressions.
    Broadcast of values is at all levels. Since that moment when guests cross
    a threshold of our entertainment center and finishing
    the way in which we build up relationship in our company.
    To raise the feeling of sincerity in stuff managers, it’s important to employ people,
    sharing company’s values and carrying for a Guest, initially. Why do
    we appreciate sincerity? Because, the sincerity is the thing,
    impossible to imitate.
    In the industry of indoor entertainments, we became first ones, who started
    working with «all inclusive» system. It’s customary to pay for an hour
    or for a play everywhere. We went from otherwise - you just buy a ticket and enjoy
    all the entertainments on the territory of leisure centre without any restrictions.
  • «Office Magazine»
    «If a person has experience not only in management, but also in working in subordination,
    this enhances the probability of him becoming a quality leader and manager.
    People will treat you with great respect and trust, it will be easier to bond a team».
    «Office Magazine»
  • «Personnel drection» magazine
    «A real leader is not afraid to take strong players into his team, because he
    understands that only this leads to success.
    You can accumulate weak personnel around you that will not aspire to take your position,
    but this road leads nowhere».
    «Personnel drection» magazine
  • «Собака.ru» magazine
    «Our company is aimed at young people, and we have a rule – we all refer to each other
    with an informal «you», without taking into consideration who you are - the general director
    or the guy from the reception desk.
    We build friendships within the team and we want this atmosphere transferred
    to our guests».
    «Собака.ru» magazine

Paul's biography

Paul Timets — a professional in the field of construction and management of entertainment centers. Founder of the Maza Park entertainment centers network in St. Petersburg and Galaxy Park in Smolensk, founder of the indoor amusement park FUN24 in Kazan. Before the opening of Maza Park he was the head of the largest billiard club in Europe «Лидер (Leader)» for ten years.

According to the newspaper «Business Petersburg» Paul is included among the hundred best managers of the Northern capital. In 2007, the World Pool-Billiard Association awarded Pavel for the successful realization of the Artistic Pool World Cup. Since 2009 he is a member of the Presidium of the Federation of billiard sports of the city of St. Petersburg. In 2016 he won the prestigious international award Golden Pony Awards – the analogue of Oscar in the entertainment industry.

Paul Timets is a fan of the St. Petersburg football club «Zenit» since his childhood. He attends most of the home games, the away matches from time to time. Football is a hobby and a leisure. In 2015 he joined the National Russian team fans movement RussiaUnites and in 2016 he joined the Board Member.

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During 15 years the team, the leader of which is Paul Timets, has been designing, building and launching entertainment centers on Russian territory. These are objects of global proportions ranging from seven to fifteen thousand square meters. Average passability of each park in a month is of about 70 thousand people. The uniqueness of the projects is in that they are working on a «all included» system — after paying at the entrance, the Guests have access to the whole range of entertainment.

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